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BOPP film section is mainly oriented by the production, development and sales of BOPP film, which is mainly produced by Yunnan Hongta Plastic co., LTD and Hongta Plastic (Chengdu) co., LTD.The company has successively introduced three full automatic BOPP production lines from France DMT company, Germany Bruckner company and Japan steel-making institute company, as well as British ATLAS and Germany KAMPF cutting equipment.  The annual production capacity is 56,000 tons at present. It is the largest BOPP production enterprise in southwest China, and also the largest plastic processing enterprise in Yunnan province.

Yunnan Hongta Plastic co., LTD. is located at no.14 xiushan road, High-tech zone, Yuxi city, Yunnan province.The BOPP film products are divided into smoke film, ordinary flat film and special membrane according to the purpose which are mainly used in cigarette packaging, food packaging, high-grade gift packaging, composite, adhesive tape base material and other fields. .Due to the possession of a full set of imported laboratory testing equipment and advanced hardware facilities,The company has reached a higher industrial level in BOPP processing technology, new product development, production management, equipment operation ability after 10 years of efforts.  Hongta Plastic has been successively awarded the honorary titles of "Yunnan province excellent strong industrial enterprise", " The First Yunnan province excellent strong enterprise in packaging industry", "Second Yunnan province top 30 enterprises in packaging" and "Yunnan province science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise".

Chengdu Hongta Plastic co., LTD. Is located in Chengdu, Wenjiang district, Chengdu city, Sichuan province.The company mainly produces smoke film, ordinary flat film and special film, and  introduced a complete set of internationally advanced production equipment and a batch of foreign advanced testing equipment from Japan, the United Kingdom, Austria.The company strictly abides by ISO90001 international quality management system standard, establishes and implements the quality management system to guarantees the product quality, satisfy the customer demand, and to provide the high quality product and the high quality service for the market.Our main products include six series of nearly 70 specification film products, including bidirectional stretch polypropylene cigarette packing film, antibacterial tobacco film and agricultural product packing film, food and medicine packing film, anti-light film, thermal seal film and aluminum coating film, with thickness ranging from 12 to 60 mm.

These two companies had owned 33 patents, including five invention patents by the end of 2017. The company's products are mainly sold to more than 40 factories and coastal areas within and outside the province, and its product quality has won the recognition and praise of the majority of customers, and enjoyed a decisive position in the same industry.

The company adheres to the concept of "people-oriented, pursuit of excellence", and truly integrates the concept into the enterprise culture and  management system, and takes it as the foundation of starting a career!

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